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    LR 5.7 Performance issues, with simple tasks like zoom and cropping.  Anyone else have this problem and/or have any help?

    Noble Photographer

      I'm running the latest version of LR 5.7.1 on an iMac with 4GHz i7 processor, 4Gb AMD Radeon R9 Graphics and 32 Gb DDR3 RAM and I feel with this setup LR should be able to zoom into an image and back out as well as crop an image really quickly.  I find it unacceptable that a basic task like this takes longer than 20-30 secs plus.  I'm a professional photographer and this is costing me valuable time, especially when considering I can edit 1000+ images for a Wedding.  Can anyone out there help me with any fixes, apart from switching to Capture One, which is becoming a serious consideration at the moment.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.