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    audio special effects in Pr12


      I'm back!  I want to add the "reverb" audio special effect to an audio clip I have.  [using Premiere Elements 12 on a WinPro7 computer].  This is what I've done:

      1. click on the audio clip
      2. open special effects and open audio special effects
      3. click on 'reverb' (the outline is now blue) and drag the reverb box onto the audio clip.

      The effect is on/in the clip (can check it with 'adjust special effects'), BUT when the clip is played, there is a ratcheting noise.  I have tried the "delay" effect as a diagnostic tool, and it added just fine.  It's just not the effect I want.


      Ideas any one?

      Thank you.


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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          After you applied the Reverb to your audio clip (fx Effects/Audio Effects/Reverb, did you attempt to edit it in

          Applied Effects Tab

          Applied Effects Palette

          Reverb Panel expanded...


          Also note on the right side of the Reverb Panel, the first icon (left to right) is for selecting a preset for the Reverb from a drop

          down menu.





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            retchemteach Level 1


            I was hoping you would reply.  Before I ever wrote my question, I did exactly those things you said after applying the reverb special effect:
            1.  Open the Applied Effects tab (which causes the palette to open to the left)

            2. Expanded the Reverb Panel (downward) and tried each one of those presets (I learned about those long ago in Pr4, but only found them a few days ago)....the loud ratchet sound still occurred with each  preset.


            So.......what's going on?  I'll check back tomorrow afternoon....it's gym day.....if you have the desire and/or time to write.

            Thank you, ATR.



            screen capture to show audio special effect problem in Pr12.jpg

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              I tried to replicate the effect. No luck. Does the nature of the unwanted sound change at all with the change in presets (even in the smallest way)?

              Sounds like no.


              Things to look at


              a. Remove the audio transitions and apply Reverb




              b. Replace the audio file with another and determine if same unwanted sound with Reverb with or without the audio transitions.

              There are only 2 audio transitions, Constant Gain and Constant Power. You can try each with the Reverb.




              c. Take the problem audio clip, the audio transitions, and Revert into a mini test run new project and determine if the problem still exists.


              I do not have any promising leads on this problem yet. So let us see if any of the above targets the issue and then decide what



              More later.



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                retchemteach Level 1

                Thank you for your suggestions.


                Last night as I was mulling this over, I thought I would try some other

                audio clips.  This particular one was a "free download" of a special

                effect.  I will try the reverb on the audio portion of a clip we took with

                our camera as well as some other sounds-songs I have.  I'll get back to

                you....prob. tomorrow.  I promise I will let you know what I've observed,

                and if there is a way to send you the audio clip, I can record a wav file

                using my computer's "sound recorder".  I know I can include an image in a

                reply, but I have not checked into including a sound clip.  And, I still

                got the nasty noise after I removed the gain transition effect.


                Thank you again,



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                  retchemteach Level 1


                  I'm sorry to have waited so long to reply.  I guess the holidays got in the way....and, football.  And, now I have 3 topics.


                  I tried MANY things about the REVERB effect with no success....either (1) I could not hear that the reverb was working (and, I've used it before in Pr4 and could tell a difference) or (2) that ratcheting noise was still there.


                  The main thing I did was create new (test) Pr12 files with only the audio that was the problem or with other audios [i.e. songs 'ripped' from purchased CDs, purchased songs from iTunes (either MP3 or WAV formats), sound effects I have from many various sources, including the ones that come with Pr12].  No  help.  Soooo, if I MUST have reverb on an audio clip, I think I'll just use my XP machine and its Pr4 and then export that audio clip to use in the Pr12 file...if that works, and I think it would.  Thank you for that help.


                  To continue a thread we had about file size and DVD disc capacity.....I have included 2 screen shots....the first one is to show the file size I just burned on a 4.7 GB DVD.


                  screen showing size of file that was burned.jpg

                  You can see that the file is 5.587 GB.


                  Now, here is what the screen showed me in Pr12 when I was preparing to burn the disc.....notice that the "fit contents" box is UNchecked, and I slid the button to the right for HIGHEST quality.  Notice it says "space required" is 1.64 GB.  This is what I was trying to get across when several of us were discussing "file size" vs disc capacity.  Does this mean I can put more on a given disc?  That would be cool if I could.


                  screen before burning disc in Pr12 to show settings.jpg



                  And, last but not least, is there a way to reduce the volume of the MENU volume if it comes with its own audio?  I am using "Outdoor Adventure", and its volume is INTENSE versus what I have mixed in the file.  I have looked in my Pr manual, but it doesn't say much.  I guess I should first look in the forum for the answer to this, but I'm spoiled with your terrific help.


                  Have a good day, and thank you.


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                    Thanks for the updates. I dislike giving up on the Reverb, but let us see how your plan works out (Premiere Elements 4 - Windows XP - import audio with Reverb to Premiere Elements 12/12.1 project. I need to think about your Reverb in Premiere Elements 12/12.1 some more.




                    If you are using a DVD 4.7 GB/120 disc, you should be able to get more on that disc even with the "Fit Content to Available Space" without the check

                    mark. Remember, the capacity on that disc is really 4.38 GB. I would rather see you working with a check mark next to "Fit Content to Available Space"

                    and adding to your Timeline content until you first signs of the Bitrate max going to less than 8.00 Mbps.




                    You are going to have to go to the theme's music file on the hard drive, copy that file, import the copy into a Premiere Elements project, in that project alter the sound volume of the file, export the edited file with Publish+Share/Computer/Audio with Presets for MP3 (High Quality). Then go back to the hard drive location where you obtained the original, and replace the original with the edited version. Do not discard the original, just put in a safe out of there. Then when you are back in the Premiere Elements 12/12.1 workspace/Movie Menu Customization Area/ and are using this theme, you should have the lower volume version of the music as background audio for main menu and scene menu. If you do not want the music in main menu and scene menu, I will tell you how to set up the music for one or the other.


                    Your target is that "outdoor adventure_bg_aud.mp3 in the mix of assets for the theme. Note the path to it in the panel at the top of the screenshot.              


                    Please check this out. If any questions or need clarification, please do not hesitate to ask. Hope all is going well with your football teams, Pro

                    and college.


                    Best wishes



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                      retchemteach Level 1

                      Thank you for all your help.  I have finally finished with my travelogue movies which is why this reply is 3 weeks in its arrival.  I could not have made these movies without your assistance and guidance.  It is on my "to do" list to reduce the volume of the menu soundtrack for which you gave detailed info.  I understand your instructions, and I have kept them.  You are a great help.


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                        Wonderful news. You did all the work, I was only the back seat driver when needed. Congratulations on your success.


                        As always, best wishes