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    Lingo for OnStage 4 video player? What embeded players are you using now?

    ShootingStar Level 1
      Greetings All:
      I am re-authoring a CD-ROM Director 8.5 project w/ Media for Director Onstage 4 and some lingo that previously worked with the older Onstage 4 product does not seem to work now. Help appreciated.

      Here is my code:

      on exitFrame

      if(sprite(10).getPlaybackEvent = 4) then

      go to the frame+1


      go to the frame

      end if


      Obviously, the onstage sprite is in channel 10 and I have double checked that audio is enabled. I have also tried toggling the “Message Events” check box on and off but see no difference. All I want is to pause playback until the movie is finished. This code worked fine with the older OnStage 4 stuff.

      This problem is happening when playing back my project from the score timeline where it previously worked fine.

      Help appreciated.


      PS What is everyone using now for embedded video playback?