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    Flash player installation stops at 41%

    Rolf the Wolf

      Dear all

      Tried to install flash player but the installation wizard stops at 41% and does not move anymore.

      In the mean time, id tried everything I could and this morning decided to reinstall Yosemite again. 10.10.1  Safari 8.0.2 Java 8 upd 25

      After new installation, tried to install flash player but the wizard stopped at 41%.


      Any help appreciated, I'm "lost in flash player" :-(

      Extremely frustrated.



      Rolf the Wolf

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          Rolf the Wolf Level 1

          The issue is fixed.

          For all in the forum who are faced with the same problem and Adobe does not help because flash player is free of charge and they refer to the forum, instead of helping directly  (I stored the communication about this)  and at Adobe help desk, you can send me one $ for each answer you told to your client and helped to solve the issue.


          - Take an other Mac if you have one (my problem was that I could not download the original data package).

          - Go to macupdate.com and search for flash player

          - Download the flash player (it is approx 1 MB bigger than the normal download)

          - Copy the download to an USB stick

          - Plug in the stick and double klick on the download on the stick

          - Reinstall it from the stick


          This it is.

          Good luck and happy Xmas

          Rolf the Wolf