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    Activation Server Error Trying to Add A Book To Device


      So I downloaded an ebook book from my library, where I hoped to add to my Kobo E ink reader using digital editions. I have added e books using ADE before however they were just ones I downloaded for free from online and not borrowed from a library. This one I have borrowed from the library is an epub file? Or a .acsm file? I managed to add it to my library on Adobe Digital Editions and just went to add it to my device (by clicking and dragging within ADE) however I got the error message saying:


      I spoke to someone on Adobe's chat, who was useless unfortunately Told me to check clock/timezone/date etc which I did and to no avail. He also suggested adding ADE as a program allowed through my Firewall which again I tried with no success, where he then sent me a link to this forum! So fingers crossed one of you lovely people can help me more than this so called "expert"