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    Why does Adobe LIE???

    Duke SkyWatcher

      The Adobe servers are frequently not available.  When I call or chat with Adobe customer service, they deny there is any problem.  But, they are very eager to get me to disable my firewall and anti-virus program.  Indeed, that is the very first step of EVERY SINGLE ONE of their trouble-shooting procedures.  Followed immediately by uninstall and reinstall (while the firewall and AV are still down, too!  What is Adobe trying to sneak onto my computer? 


      In the documentation it says the the apps should work offline for 99 days, but they won't work at all when the servers are not available.  I've tried asking customer service about this, and they just ignore my questions, and they REFUSE to even report it. 


      According to Adobe Customer Service, the ONLY way for me to run the Creative Cloud apps is for me to type the name of the app in the Windows Start Menu.  Again, this is contrary to the documentation.


      After I imported my pictures into Lightroom, Lightroom became the ONLY way for me to access my pictures.  This is effectively extortion for my continued subscription!

      Adobe wants to sell me a subscription to "Premium Support".  When I asked customer support about this, I was told there is no such thing as "Premium Support".  Why is Adobe selling subscriptions to services that don't exist?

      This is all so offensive, that I'm considering taking the chance of loosing thousands of my pictures, rather than be lied to and extorted!!!  I don't understand why the Adobe company officers and board of directors are not in prison for Fraud and Extortion!!!

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It has been months since the Adobe servers were “down” from my location in the central US.  So instead of their servers being down, I’d suspect something in between them and your computer is down or blocking the servers.


          A way to run the apps is to type their name but once you have the icon/tile from the search area you can use Pin to Start or Pin to Task Bar to make something you can click on without searching.  This is Windows 8 operation skills nothing to do with Adobe, necessarily. 


          Your pictures are never “in” Lightroom.  They are wherever you tell LR to put them on your hard-drive.  The adjustments you make to them are viewable inside of LR, but the pictures are not only in LR.  You can export new pictures with your adjustments to JPGs or some other universal format to be viewable by other programs.

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            FibreFabMarketing4 Level 1

            Firewalls and anti-virus software can sometimes interfere with installations causing problems, even with legit software. Disabling the firewall also removes a potential issue when trying to identify an issue. If the firewall is turned off then access to the server works it's obvious that it's the firewall.


            In regards to premium support, a quick google search brings this up - Adobe - Premium support services


            It also sounds like the File Association has changed so LR opens all images, this can be changed easily, Adobe are not holding you to ransom!

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