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    How do I remove invalid develop presets




      I've had Lightroom on my Mac for quite some time.  I've gone through periods where I use it, then periods where I don't.  In one of those iterations, I somehow got a list of develop presets that are not valid.


      When I go to the develop section, I have about a dozen preset folders.  In my [~/Library/Application Support/Lightroom/Develop Presets] directory, I have just 4 folders that I just created this morning for a new preset group I just bought.  Unfortunately, the other items inside Lightroom are causing Lightroom to give an error "The file could not be found" and will not let me open or close the folders nor remove the ones that do not exist.


      How do I clean up that list and get rid of the invalid items?


      In case they're built-ins, the list that is not in my Application Support directory are:

      Lightroom B&W Filter Presets

      Lightroom B&W Presets

      Lightroom Color Presets

      Lightroom Effect Presets

      Lightroom General Presets

      Lightroom Video Presets


      If I can get those back, that'd be even better.


      Thanks in advance.