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    Projects Take Forever to Load Conformed Media



      I'm editing a documentary feature using Premiere Pro CC V. 8.1 (latest updates, as of today), and, lately, whenever I load my project file (which is about 8mb, and contains around 8000 separate clips, 60 hours' worth), it takes my system (which is very new - 16GB of RAM, Intel i7, NVIDIA 970, etc) a really long time to load all of the media after the project file's been opened. It used to only take a minute or two, but I'm sitting here fifteen minutes after I've opened the software and I'm about 1/8th of the way through. No new media has been added recently, and very little has been edited - so no effects, or anything. There's a decent amount of synced multicam content, about 50 sequences worth - but that's it.


      Other information:
      -Windows 8.1

      -Source footage is h264 sourced from a GH4 and 60D as well as M2TS files sourced from a handicam. Mostly 1080p, some 4k.

      -No error messages.

      -No third party codecs.

      -Mercury playback: I believe so.



      EDIT: I forgot to mention. My drives are laid out as such:

      C: SSD 128GB (Premiere Pro installation)

      D: 1TB HDD (250GB of cached conformed media)

      F and G: External Drives with raw media