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    Cannot post a question / discussion starter on this forum


      I have attempted multiple times over the past 18 hours, to post a discussion article / question, concerning my inability to successfully run the Flash Player installer for FP Ver 16.0 on this machine (Dell Inspiron model N7010 laptop with Intel Core i3 processor, running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit OS with Service Pack 1, 6 GB of RAM, and using Internet Explorer Ver. 11.0, 32-bit browser), after multiple attempts at this installation.  None of these attempts to post my discussion / question has succeeded.  Each time I press the blue 'Post' button at the bottom of the screen, the dialogue window scrolls back to the top of the page (showing the discussion title and the first few paragraphs of my text post), with a message at the top of the page stating, "Please try again later m5".  This message is enclosed in a light red text box spanning the entire width of the page, with a white exclamation mark enclosed in a red circle, just to the left of the first word in the message, within the text box.


      How do I successfully post my full discussion article on this site?  Is there a character limit to the length of the text portion of my message?  Is there a limit to the number of Tags I select at the bottom of the post (I selected 4), or the length of the text in the Tags field?  Is there something wrong with the Community I chose to post in?  ("Installing Flash Player")  If none of these is the issue, then what must I do to have my post accepted and posted on this site?