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    Please make offline updater easy to find!

    Herbie Robinson

      The standard updater for Flash has failed consistently on one of my computers for more than 2 years, now.  The package doesn't create any log files that I could find to debug the problem.  I've reported this at least twice and it's still broken.  I'm a software developer and I've even offered to help track down the problem, but nobody ever got back to me.


      Every time I do this it takes me an hour to find the download URL for the latest offline installer.  I'm really getting sick of you wasting my time this way.  If you are too incompetent to actually fix the problem (or put in logging so I can figure out what it really is), at least put the URL of the offline loader on the initial download page; so, you don't waste a lot of my time.  Note that I am a paying customer for many Adobe products and this does not m


      BTW, your requirement that the browser not be running followed by automatically kicking people back into the browser after the installation makes it really easy to lose the open windows.  This has cost me MANY hours of lost work having to reopen windows...