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    Premier Pro CC 2014 (8.2) Keeps freezing and Crashing!!! Very Frustrating....

    AzzieScott Level 1

      This is really really really frustrating, Whenever I'm editing a project, all is well for a little bit, but after working for a bit and especially after I render my timeline PPCC won't play nice. Either it will freeze, crash or get bottlenecked and move very sluggish. I don't understand why adobe seems not to be addressing this issue. If they are monitoring these forums, they will see countless users reporting the same crashing and freezing issues.Im on OS X 10.10.1and I have a late 2013 6 core 3.5GHz Mac Pro with D700 graphic cards, 64gs Ram. Im editing off of a Thunderbolt 2 Raid SSD, so honestly my system is more than equipped to handle my work, but it doesn't.


      I seen dozens of post with Adobe recommendations, including saying its the Apple Graphics cards that are the issue, and apple need to update the drivers for the D300,D500 and D700 cards. But I'm sorry this is highly unlikely because users from Windows and Mac Machines with various graphics cards are reporting the same crashing and freezing issues.


      I truly love what adobe has done with its Pro video platform, but if us Pros can't use it and its unstable, how can they continue on this road.


      Adobe please chime in on this and lets address the core issue that soooo many people are having with PPCC 2014.