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    All in one for use with Photoshop?


      Is there a portable device, like the surface, that has a larger screen but will still allow me to do basic sketching in photoshop?

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          ANAND8502 Adobe Employee

          Hi Fattexan,


          You can use Photoshop on any device which meets the below specification.

          http://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/system-requirements.html#Photoshop CC 2014 system requirements and language versions




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            fattexan Level 1

            I wasn't clear on my question.  I know the system requirements.  Terminology in describing devices is making it difficult for me to find the correct machine.  My wife's Surface allows me to use her stylus to sketch directly on the screen in Photoshop.  No other tools or attachments required.  I simply open up photoshop and I can write on the canvas with the stylus.  Terms like touchscreen and digitized screen are used so loosely that I can't figure out what other devices, still portable like the Surface but with a larger screen, will actually work the same way.  I realize that nothing like I'm describing would be suitable for a brilliant artist but I can't even draw a stick figure on the Dell XPS 18; it ignores the existence of the stylus though Paint pics it up just fine; of course Paint is extremely crude and will not open my Photoshop projects.  Nothing about system requirements helps me to figure this out.  The system requirements just reveal the minimum requirements needed to run the software.  I've turned to this forum because the only solution I can think of is to lean on someone with experience.  I can't go out and buy every device out there until one works; eventually the stores would quit letting me return them...








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