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    load jQuery once on a page with multiple compositions

    Fagan Level 1

      Hi there, I am using the latest version of edge animate 2014.1 (with the update)


      Problem: jQuery is loaded every time a composition is loaded.



      the question is:


      what do you think the best practice is for loading jQuery ONCE. ???



      Thank you for your time if you are able to help me.


      Thank you!

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          vivekuma Adobe Employee

          The latest Edge Animate has no longer dependency on jQuery.


          But if you have explicitly added jQuery for each of the compositions, then you can do the following to avoid loading it twice:

               1. Just before you publish each composition, remove the jQuery from the Library Panel, where you have added explicitly.

               2. Publish each composition.

               3. Add the jQuery in the page where you are inserting the multiple compositions using the

                         <script src="jquery.js"></script>

          And things should work as expected.