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    Hyperlinks don't work outside dreamweaver




      I am relatively new to web design. After designing a few simple websites for myself, that I could put on my portfolio I decided to design another website. It all went well, until I stumbled upon a weird problem: hyperlinks in the banner do not work. Hyperlinks in the menu, as well as other page parts work perfectly fine. Except the banner, I could set whatever text to be a hyperlink, but all it does is simply add the characteristics of it such as the underline and blue color. But... it won't work how it is supposed to be.


      If I copy/cut the element out of the banner, it will work without a flaw.

      I would also like to add, that I am using z-index of -1 to put it under the logo which is above both the menu and the banner.





      .banner {   background-color: #fbfbff;   height: 360px;   position: relative;   bottom: 164px;   z-index: -1;   border-radius: 10px; } .newtrucks {   padding-left: 58px;   padding-right: 550px; } .fastbutton {   left: 457px;   top: 24px;   position: relative; } .fastreadm {   color: #FFFFFF;   font-family: Trebuchet MS;   font-size: 12px;   left: 472px;   position: relative;   top: -6px; } a.fastreadm {   text-decoration: none; } a.fastreadm:hover {   color: #FDC1D1; }




      Thanks for any help!!!