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    InD CS6 doc won't print or export to PDF

    GraphicDesignerAKL Level 1

      Hi, I'm having a problem with my document:


      • 304 pages
      • Using master frames and master page items (page numbers and running heads, about 25 master spreads in all)
      • 6 or so pages suddenly had an enormous pasteboard and the text on these pages disappeared (but did not reflow onto the next available page)
      • I deleted these affected pages, the text automatically reflowed and I added in new pages at the end of the doc to accommodate the overset text.
      • I also deleted the master pages that were assigned to the 6 affected pages and recreated them
      • The Indesign doc looks "fixed" but won't print or PDF. The error message is here:

      Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 2.36.22 PM.png


      I sent the file to a colleague and it appeared to work fine on her computer.


      I also copied all the text that was in linked text frames (about 280 pages worth) and copied it into a new document. The new document also has master text frames but no other master page items. The new doc also won't print or PDF.


      Sending the file to my colleague is a work-around that will do for today but I need the file to behave before I send it to the printer.


      Any help?