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    Want to Access local and Network

      I am doing an Application with XML in Local, and i have multiple link buttons to Relevant sites
      My application files are in Local and XML also in local folder
      When i click the link button , Flash player not permitting to access links. I wnat to change global settings in Adobe
      When i put them in server it works fine

      I have compiled the application with compiler argument
      If i change that to -use-network=true i can access to weblink , but i cant get data from local folder My flex application is Blank

      I also tried by setting system.security.allowdomain("*")
      and all security options
      when i trace sandbox type it says "localTrusted"

      I have an idea of changing configuration file in Flash player #security folder, I tried and it works fine. but my client thinks it is little tough.
      I need help to overcome this . Can any please help me .
      I wnat to access data from Local folder and Want to Link to Web.
      My application is in Local Harddrive