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    ADE keeps crashing when I download library epub books


      I just downloaded the newest ADE Version on my apple mac air (1.4 GHz Intel Core i5) with OSX 10.9.5. When I opened library books that I downloaded on the laptop, first three books showed up but with the wrong due date. Then the fourth book I tried to open crashed ADE without error message. I returned the file to the library, and tried with a different book, but it crashed again. I tried the sample epub books from ADE website, and this worked fine. I tried downloading and opening the same library book on my desktop, and it works fine, and the due dates are correct as well. The bottom-line, it's just the newest ADE on my laptop that won't work with library epub files with due dates on them. Can someone please help me out? If there is no other options, can someone tell me how I can properly uninstall ADE so I can reinstall and see if that fixes things?