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    10.1" tablet uses full install of Windows 8.1


      I have just purchased a new tablet. It is an "Unbranded" Windows 8.1 - 10.1" - Tablet - 32GB. My question is where does this tablet fall into on installation. Since it is running the full Windows 8.1 do I install the Adobe programs on it like I did for my desktop. Thank you for any help on this, Gina

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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

          Is it like a Surface Pro from Microsoft? (It sounds like it.) If so, you would install the desktop versions of your Adobe apps on there. There's practically no difference between the two (other than hardware and capabilities, of course.)

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            ginalee9 Level 1

            yes I believe it is. I am having a time trying to determine if this tablet will do what I need it to do. I have a desktop and laptop that will have no problem running any Adobe application, I was just looking for something small that I could do some drawing/sketching on the fly. I wanted to save up and get a 24" Cintiq so I went really low cost. The stats are almost identical to the ASUS Transformer Hybrid Tablet. The part thats got me is the display is capacitive touch and I want to use a pressure sensitive fine tipped pen. I also want to be able to draw on the device that I am looking at and not look at my monitor. If it will not work I would like to just exchange it for something that will work in the same price range, Unfortunately the person that helped me at the store knew less than I did.