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    Have to "fight" Photoshop to get almost every tool to work properly


      Core i7-4771

      2x8gb DDR2400

      eVGA GTX970 (344.75 drivers)

      Windows 7 64-bit


      I'm having an extremely odd issue that I decided to record a video to share what's happening.  For some reason, almost every tool and option within Photoshop isn't playing well with my computer.  For example, to open a new document, I must spam the proper shortcut sequence (Alt+F, N, then enter for a new default document) multiple times before one actually pops up.  We're talking 5-15 times of mashing this shortcut sequence, depending on how lucky I am.


      I've never had this issue before and even tried reinstalling an old copy of Photoshop CS6 to no avail, either. It's hard to describe the issue further, so here's a link to the video I recorded just now...




      Notice how the first pencil tool strokes take about 5 tries total before it actually "sticks" or "saves" to the document.  This happens with EVERYTHING in the program, for whatever reason.  I've triple-checked the settings, and there is nothing popping up that should cause this to be happening, it just sporadically decided to do this to me for about a month now.


      It's hard to Google for an issue like this, so maybe we can figure out some keywords and/or tags to help this problem see more light in case anybody else in the future should run into this crappy issue.  It's really ruining my productivity and is just extremely painstaking to work around. None of this happens in Illustrator or After Effects, either, which makes the issue even weirder.