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    Live Cycle Validation and Focus not working

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      I have a problem with the validation and the focus function when sending a form. I have two dynamic forms. I created a send pdf to E-mail custom button with a click event and I used a script that I found on a blog:

      f(Textfeld4.rawValue != null) 

          //fill in e-mail 

          var Mailto = Textfeld4.rawValue; 

          //var Mailto = "test@test.de"; 


          //fill in subject 

          //var YourSubject = Formular1.s1.subject.rawValue; 

          var YourSubject = Textfeld3.rawValue; 


          //fill in message 

          //var YourMessage = "Content PDF:\r" + "Field content: " + Formular1.s1.inhalt.rawValue + "\rName: "  

          var YourMessage = " ";  


          var Mail = "mailto:" + Mailto + "?Subject=" + YourSubject + "&Body=" + YourMessage; 


          //cSubmitAs: "PDF" send the pdf as attachment 

          //cSubmitAs: "XML" send the pdf as xml-attachment 


          cURL: Mail, 

          bEmpty: true, 

          cSubmitAs: "PDF" 



      With these settings:


      On the first form, the validation and the focusing to the first blank fields are working perfectly. I used the same script on another dynamic form and the validation and focusing are not working. I used the same script with little changes but the validation and focusing aren't working. The fields are not being focused and are not colored red. Did I miss something?


      Kind regards