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    Why do we need to soft proof?


      So it occurred to me that when LR soft proofs an image it "knows" how to represent my original image as though it it is printed.  My job then is to get the "Proof image" to look like the original image by tweaking the sliders etc.


      But here's the thing, LR "knows" all of the colours of my original image and the way I want them represented.  It then changes the image to represent how it will be printed, so it "knows" the effect the profile will have.  So why do I need to fiddle with sliders etc when LR has the knowledge to do the tweaking to get the colours via the profile, back to the original?


      Surely the experts could program a function that when I click a button automatically it changes the settings in the proof copy to match as close as possible the original?  I can then make choices from there.


      Any thoughts?