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    Collapse transformations and layer effects/styles?


      Greetings to all!


      Quick question: how can I maintain layer effects and/or layer style sizing when enabling Collapse Transformations?


      I've got a bunch of vector shapes and text in a composition that I'm importing into another comp and scaling. In order to maintain the definition of the shapes and text, I need to enable Collapse Transformations. This seems to work great, except my layer effects and styles are not scaled up as I would expect them to be- they remain at the size they're set at inside the sub composition, regardless of the external scaling. That means that something with a 10px drop shadow scaled up to 200% in another composition still has a 10px drop shadow instead of a 20px drop shadow.


      How can I fix this? I need to be able to scale everything together, but I also need to be able to maintain the quality of the vector shapes and text. It seems awfully bizarre that things behave the way they seem to, so I must be missing something somewhere.