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    3D layers rotating when moved


      I just updated my After Effects to the newest version with the blue interface. Whenever I make a 3D layer and move it to a side of the composition it rotates slightly. I didn't have this problem in CS6 or the previous CC update. I've tried with and without a camera and I still get the same effect.


      So say I wanted a layer to be rotated 90 degrees on the Y axis. I want that layer to stay parallel to the camera as it's 90 degrees, but instead when I move it to the left or right it rotates a bit more. I have no keyframes and no values change. I've recorded a video to better explain it:

      It's 90 degrees when in the center but not anywhere else. Anyone know how I can stop this from happening?


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Set the layer's orientation to the camera. You'll find the setting at the bottom of the layer transform properties.


          Read up on Animating the camera and 3D layers in the help files. The section is short and covers this and a lot of other issues.

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            MrNix0n Level 1

            Thanks a lot! Is there a way to make this default? On other versions I didn't have to do this and I didn't even need to have a camera. It's going to get quite annoying doing this for every layer.





            Just opened up CS6 again and noticed that it's exactly the same. Weird. I always remember it orienting to the default after effects camera without me having to do anything. It's definitely like this at my college.

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              ThunderLion Level 1

              your essentially parenting the file to your camera though,  If you have any other animation going on it will mess you up.    Its more realistic the other way.

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                Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                What you're seeing is perfectly normal behaviour, and would always have happened in previous versions of AE as well.


                The only time you won't see natural perspective like this is if you're using an orthographic camera, such as the "Front" view in the main viewer.  Perhaps you were inadvertently using Front view in the previous version of AE.  While orthographic cameras can be quite useful, they don't exist in the real world, and your 3D work won't look very 3D with it activated.