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      I have had a new hard disk on my iMac 500 gb rather than 520. I have had CS4 on this machine for years. Now when I go to open an Adobe application I am informed that it is registered to too many machines. What can I do about this? I understand that it can be registered to 2 machines and that is the case. I purchased this product in good faith and do not understand why I cannot use it on my machine. I have long since lost the discs and paper work to do with this product but you must have proof of my purchase since I registered all my Adobe products with you in either myself or my wife's name. They could also be under the name of JSTypesetters a firm I used to run but closed down some time ago. Could you tell me how to reactivate my product as I have no access to any of the other previous computers it might have been on? Thank you for your help.

      Chris Steele