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    RH 11 CSS Mapping Styles issue with Word 2013

    ROBOPM Level 1

      Hello members,

      Any help will be much appreciated.

      Platform: Win 7, RH 11, Word 2013 however, using an existing Word Template that was created in Word 2007.


      • Six months ago, an upgrade of RH8 to RH11 took place (smooth, no issues reported). Please note, I have no "easy" way to verify if there was a problem in RH8 (all projects are upgraded, and old builds are backed up on IT server).
      • There are existing Styles created in RH and in the Word Template (e.g., Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, Normal, normal_bold, etc.). These existing Styles have no mapping issues hence, RH CSS recognizes their corresponding Word Styles.


      Things Tried:

      • Converted (SaveAs) my template .dot (Word 2007) to ".dotm" (Word 2013) = No change in issue mentioned above.
      • What do I see when I create new Styles in RH CSS and Word Template: I am able to map Table and Multi Level List.

      Purpose: Working on a documentation standard project. Creating New Styles ‘based on’ existing styles. For example:

      RH CSS


      • Style: Paragraph
      • Formatting: Font =10pt
      • Indents: Left = 36pt
      • Spacing: Before = 0px
      • Paragraph: Alignment = Left
      • Indentation: Left = 18pt, Right = 0pt, Special = Hanging (By 18pt)
      • Spacing: Before = 6pt, After = 0pt, Line Spacing = Single
      • Advanced:

      Word Template (.dot)


      • Style: Paragraph
      • Style Properties: Name = ListBullet, Style type = Paragraph, Style based on = Normal, Style for following paragraph = ListBullet
      • Formatting: Font = Arial Font style = Regular, Size = 9pt, Font color = Automatic (black), Underline style = none
      • Paragraph/Indents & Spacing: Alignment = Left, Outline level = Body Text
      • Indentation: Left = 0.25", Right = 0", Special = Hanging (By: 0.25")
      • Spacing: Before = 0pt, After = 6pt, Line Spacing = Single, Selected (Don't add space between paragraphs of the same style)
      • Paragraph/Line & Page Breaks: Pagination = Window/Orphan control, Tight wrap = None
      • Bullet Format: Font = Symbol, Font style = Regular, Size = 9, Font color = no color


      Problem I am having is as follows:

      RH Wizard section - Print Document Appearance

      Project’s CSS Styles (Used Only or All)


      Microsoft Word Styles (all)

      Unassigned – Use style in project) drop-down list

      The Style “ListBullet” does NOT show in the list

      NOTE: This anomaly I just reported happens for ANY new ‘Paragraph Style’ I create. If I create a List/MultiList, and the names of the Style are the same in RH and Word, RH Wizard automatically maps them. However, reading on multiple forums, authors have reported problems with Indentations (i.e., Word over extends the indentations); I have see this as well.

      PS - Happy Holidays to you and your families. My Best, ~PM

      PSS - Hi Peter ... I reviewed your site and this site, and Googled as well before posting.

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Short answer for tonight. Try mapping the Rh list to Normal. May sound wrong but I have seen it work.


          See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips




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            Amebr Level 4

            Also, I don't believe that "plain" lists will map across to Word. I think only multi-level lists will map, although I think you can set up a multi-level list with only one level (or where all levels look the same perhaps?).

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              ROBOPM Level 1

              Thank you Peter and Amebr for your assistance. I ended up using RH Multilevel List Style, configured, and created an identical List Style in Word. I created a Single and a Multilevel (e.g., Level = bullet, Level 2 = squares); their challenge is matching RH indents with Word Indents... It's sort of a bear since RH does not have the Format Paragraph option (ref. drop-down) like Word Lists -  Numbering functionality.


              After generating my print document mu Bullet style reads "Normal (Web)"; even though the RH CSS Wizard recognized Word List Style I created (Ref. Font: Symbol, Font color: Black, Indent: Left: 0.15", Hanging: 0.25", Outline numbered + Level: 1 +, Numbering Style: Bullet + Aligned at: 0.15" + Indent at:  0.4", Priority: 100, Based on: No List.

              Question: Would anyone out there know why is when I highlight my bullet list to verify the correct Style (with the Styles pane open) and I see the "Normal (Web)" [its Style type = Paragraph and Style based on = Normal) is selected? If it came through (from Rh) as a true Multilevel List Style, I should not see anything.


              Happy Holidays!