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    Please help me find duplicates in a large Library and delete them.

    Paul Schoenfeld

      Can I use LR to find duplicate image files and delete the duplicates?  I unintentionally produced thousands of unwanted duplicates while I was merging three catalogs from different drives to create a master catalog and image folder.  I started with roughly 44,000 files and ended up with about 88,000.  I know I have "Copies" from intentional work I did so I do not want to delete these.  However there are lots of duplicates indicated by a -2 in the file name like DSC3404-2.dng.  I tried a Library search using *-2.dng but had no hits.  Same result with -2.dng without the *.


      I seems that my catalogs all merged successfully.


      I'm afraid I may need to delete the master image folder and start over.  I could use the most recent image folder with my master catalog and then go looking for the rest of the images on the other drives using import and the function to not import suspected duplicates.  I hope someone has a more erudite way to delete the duplicates I made.