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    Bug in Premiere Pro 2014.1

    Kokw Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      there is a bug in Premiere Pro 2014.1 (81) - when you want to replase klip from bin or from sourse monitor on klip in your timeline (and speed of your clip on timeline is not 100%, it is set to 50% , or 60% - it is not matter) it happends, but it replaced not from moment, that you are deside (with your IN button), it replaced from the another point of the video. It happends only if your klip on timeline is not set on 100% speed (then it is on 100% speed - everything is work perfect). In previus build (AP 2014.0.1 (21)) all work perfect in any case .

      Maybe someone faced a similar problem and knows its solution ?

      Best regards , Alex