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    Flash player crash

    Ken Padowitz

      I am unsure as to what may be the problem, but every time I attempt to view my website using firefox, I will get an error message from adobe flash, which will then freeze on screen until I force quit (my mac sometimes doesn't even let me do this). I am not sure whether it is a problem with the web browser, or is it an adobe issue? I have attempted to contact them as well to answer this issue, as I am unsure if this problem is isolated to my computer, or if anyone who happens to be using firefox will be unable to view my website "http://www.lauderdalecriminaldefense.com". I have uninstalled and reinstalled both firefox and adobe with no success, and am now thinking that the coding on the site could be the issue? Other browsers do allow me to view the website though, so it may not be an adobe issue and may instead be an incompatibility issue with the website's coding and firefox?