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    Speech to Text Feature Removed?


      Hello everyone,


      I just spoke with tech support and was informed that the Speech to Text functionality was removed in the most recent version of Prelude and Premiere: https://blogs.adobe.com/premierepro/2014/11/update-on-speech-to-text-functionality-in-vide o-tools.html#comments.


      I'm a documentary filmmaker and this feature was hugely important to my workflow. I have dozens of hours of interviews and loved working with this feature in the same way as Avid Script Sync. I had transcripts made, attached them to the video files, analyzed the content (which worked perfectly), and then could easily keyword search through interviews. It's a fantastic feature and worked great - on behalf of other documentarians, I know it will be painfully missed.


      I'm going to install the previous version of Prelude as a workaround, but can we get this feature back in the next release? Even if you stop actively developing it, it would be great. Otherwise, is there any other way to get the speech marker metadata into the files? Any other way we can get back this functionality?


      I hope the engineering team at Adobe will reconsider this! Hope to see it back again and please let me know if this is a possibility.