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    HELP!!! Adobe Flash CC pencil and paint brush not drawing properly!!!

    zbr29 Level 1

      Hi, The paintbrush tool and the pencil tool draw upside down when I am using my graphics tablet, and I know it's not the tablet that's the cause because it works perfectly in paint and photoshop cc, it's just flash cc that has the issue!! how do I sort this?? Please Help!!! I have uploaded a video describing the issue, with the first program showing Flash Pro CC and the second showing Photoshop CC, but basically it's only the pencil and the paintbrush that are affected, the cursor is properly in sync, as you can see by the use of the square and the line tool. Go to 0:50 to see the issue straight away, though try to watch from the start as I demonstrate that the pen works well with other tools in flash cc.



      Please help.



      Thank you.