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    Flash Movie or Coding in Flex

      I have a requirement from my client to embed a flash movie as an SWC into their flex application. Now I have heard from a few people that it is sometimes better to not embed and code everything in Actionscript. The flash application is a simple Spherical 3D GLOBE graph with 5 equal portoins. the portion in front has its details shown in a table on the side. When clicked the globe revolves and the next portion is displayed and the table is refreshed.

      Would it be easier for me to embed this Flash 8 movie (actionscript 2) into my flex application (actionscript 3) or would I be able to create such a graph using actionscript by itself.

      I understand that most members on this forum have more experience with Flex than myself. So please advise which route to take.

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          ntsiii Level 3
          First this forum is intended for questions about Flex Builder. Flex language questions should be posted in the Flex General Discussion forum.

          I am not a flash guy, and graphics of that nature are way beyond me. I would embed the asset. Now, while we have the AS2/AS3 issue, you will have to communicate with the as2 movie using localConnection.

          Google this, you will find a lot of discussion.