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    How do I configure a dynamic table with Data-Drop Down selections to store separate values?


      I am attempting to use LiveCycle to create an Order Form that uses an ODBC to a SQL database. When a user makes a selection, a separate column in the table references the "Item #" associated in the SQL table, and generates a corresponding barcode.


      My problem is that when I select an Item from the drop down list, all the items in the table change. What am I missing here to separate the rows as different line items? I tried adding a [*] to the end of the connection string, and that allows me to select different options but does not generate the "Item #" or "Barcode" field.


      The screenshot below shows the basic form. When I select any of the data drop downs, all of the Items change.

      LiveCycle Forms Question.png


      I used the auto generated script for the "Add Row +" button shown below. Is this my issue? Or do I need to alter the way I'm setting up the Data Binding in for my Data Drop Down?



      if (xfa.host.version <8) {

        xfa.form.recalculate(1); }