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    Lightroom isn't synchronising folders with my Finder


      I am using a Mac.  I am trying to synchronise my folders within LR with the folders in my Finder.  This normally works well for me but I am having issues today. When I right-click and choose the Synchronise Folder option it is doing one of two things, both of which are not right:


      1) It is not picking up the new subfolders within the folder I am synchronising at all, it just doesn't display them as existing in the library.




      2) the new subfolder appears but not all of the contents appear.  In this case, the Subfolder (lets call it X) appears, as well as a subfolder of RAW files within that (call that Y), but the jpeg, png, Tif and PSD files also within folder X will not display.  However, if I try to copy the jpeg/png/etc files over to Folder X from within the LR Library interface, it tells me I cannot copy as the file already exists in that location.  But it will not show them to me. 


      Thanks for any help you can give me.