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    How do I splice two clips?.


      OK, I'm making progress - but I can't find out how to splice two or more clips.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          From a prior thread, you appear to be using Premiere Elements 13. I do not recall what computer operating system it is running on. So, for now, I will assume

          Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 64 bit and Expert workspace.


          Not sure what you want to do with the splicing.


          If you have clips on the Expert workspace Timeline, you can select all at the same time, right click anywhere in the selection, and then select Group

          from the pop up menu that appears.

          (To highlight/select all at one time in a series of Timeline clips...Shift click the first clip, and, holding down the Shift,

          click the last clip OR as you hold down the Ctrl key, click on each of the clips that you want in the selection.)


          If you have just video from a video on Video Track 1 and a separate (non linked) audio file  on Audio Track 1, you can highlight/select both at the same time, right click anywhere in the selection, and then select Link Audio with Video.


          If you give us more details, we can fine tune the reply.





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            whsprague Adobe Community Professional

            With respect to ATRs approach of writing instructions on a custom basis for you, I find seeing somebody actually doing it helps me learn much faster. 


            Two great sources are Adobe TV and Lynda.com, where you have to pay $25 for a month of access. 


            The free lessons from Adobe are listed:



            One that seems it would help with "splicing" is:



            At Lynda.com, Steve Grisetti, one of the 4 star MVPs on this forum, has done complete courses on the last three versions of Premier Elements.  Steve's course on version 11 is what got me going.

            http://www.lynda.com/Video-training-tutorials/78-0.html?category=premiere-elements_286&aut hor=steve-grisetti_1549834

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              patrickcady Level 1

              Thanks ATR. I found the answers I needed in the "Guided" section. So now I have a video that I made from four clips with transitions, an appropriate soundtrack and a title. I rendered it and chose to 'save it to my computer.' I'm sure the answer to this question is very basic but now I can't find the finished project in my computer.


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                patrickcady Level 1

                Thanks wh. I appreciate the suggestion. I will look into both. As I've said to ATR, I think I'm hooked.


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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks for the reply.


                  Could you clarify....after you created your Timeline content....


                  When you said rendered it...do you mean that you pressed the Render button above the Timeline in order to get the best possible preview

                  or were you using the word render to mean you exported the Timeline content to one of the categories under Publish+Share/Computer?


                  If you exported (saved) via Publish+Share/Computer/and one of the categories, the export dialog has a Save In: location. And you will find

                  your exported file at that location (you can change from the default location to one of your choice).



                  If you just saved the project file (.prel) without exporting, then you can find the project file in several ways. Quickest way might be to

                  hold the mouse cursor over the project name (top right of the Expert workspace), and the path to the project file should be revealed to you.


                  I demo'd this in 12 (13 will not get installed until Tuesday). But, same idea 12 or 13.


                  Which Guided tutorials did you use to get your great results? All or any one in particular?


                  You can go a long way with free learning tools and use of exploration and experimentation.


                  The creative possibilities using Premiere Elements are endless.


                  Best wishes



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                    patrickcady Level 1

                    Hello ATR. By the time you replied I had found the video. It took me a while to realize all the help I needed was in the 'Guided' section. I used Transitions, Scores and Titles. The were very easy to understand and use them once I found out where they were. I remembered seeing something about what I was trying to do in the introduction but it took me a while to go back and watch the introduction again. I had been trying to find what I wanted in 'Quick.' I also have appreciated your helpful answers!.