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    preloader progress bar not move in IE, but move well in Firefox

      I have been in this problem for several days. I really got frustrated about it. Pls. anybody can give me some help.

      I created a general preloader using movieClipLoader object and draw a progress bar using movieClip. I set the progress bar's progress by setting bar_mc._x = percentage, and created as a swf file. when test it , it works well, when open it using firefox, it still work well, can show the gradual progress in the bar, but if I using IE 6 or 7 to open it, it will not show the gradual progress , just jump from 0% to 100% after the whole file is completely loaded.

      I saw a note about progress bar not show graduate progress in Flash Player 9, so I uninstall it and install Flash Player 8 again, it is still like that.

      I really don't know what 's the problem. Could any friends give me some suggestion or idea, that will be greatly helpful.