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    Cant install FlashPlayer due to Proxy Problem SOLVED


      I go to



      I click install and am taken to

      //get.adobe.com/flashplayer/download/?installer=FP_16_for_Firefox_-_NPAPI&os=Windows%208.1 &browser_type=Gecko&browser_dist=Firefox&d=McAfee_Security_Scan_Plus_FireFox_Browser&dualo ffer=false


      where after "initializing" I download a file called


      This is a little disconcerting since I am running 64 bit windows whereas the filename contains 32 but I see that there are many threads here reassuring us that the installer install both 32 and 64 bit flashplayer (I think that adobe should change the name of their installer!)


      I click Ctrl plus J to show the Firefox downloads list and right clicking I open the containing folder where I now have several versions of the same, install_flashplayer16x32_mssd_aaa_aih, file.


      I am then told that windows Smartscreen can not be reached now. (I tried to turned off Windows Smartscreen in Control Panel Security Action Centre but it is still showing this message). I click on Run Anyway and I am asked

      Do you want to open this executable
      Do you want to allow this program to make changes to your computer.

      I then see a short but wide adobe window that says

      Retrieving Install
      It has a progress bar but the progress bar does not move, remaining at 0%.
      Then I am told, with no participle or error number



      Error has been encountered. Close this Window and Try Again.


      When I close this Adobe window I am taken to


      where I am told


      Adobe Flash Player could not be installed.

      You can troubleshoot your installation with the following resources:


      The troubleshooting does not seem to be much help


      Flashplayer is not installed
      It is not in the list of plugins (of course) (This gives me an idea to attempt to get flashplayer from Mozilla)


      I have yet to try shutting all browser windows but this does not seem to be required for Firefox. I will do that soon, once I have posted this thread.


      1) Wrong Language?

      I can see from the left hand panel that I am being offered

      Windows 64-bit , English, Firefox

      This is a little disconcerting since my computer is Japanese (though I myself am not). I have tried clicking on

      Need Flash Player for a different computer?

      Where I am offered a choice of operating systems and browsers (I choose  8 and Firefox) but not a choice of language.


      However, I have approached the installation from the Japanese installation site which contains a /jp/ in the URL
      (When I attempt to paste the URL here it is converted to a page title -- grr -- so I can not paste the URL. Hold on, removing the http - yes)


      (In fact I was very upset that I could only get the Japanese site since Adobe senses where I am and served the site in Japanese,
      despite the fact that my first language is English and offers no way to change the language)

      But the file that is downloaded appears to be the same (same file name)


      2) Connection problem?
      The fact that both Windows SmartScreen "cannot be reached" and the Adobe Progress bar do not seem to be able to connect

      suggests to me that I may have some sort of connection problem. My browser connects but other programs (Smartscreen and the installer) appear to be having problems. Is there a way of downloading the full 18MB file as opposed to the installer (which is only about 0.7MB)?


      Aha. I clicked on the bar graph showing how strong my connection is (strong, all four bars) and opened troubleshooting.
      I was then told

      Your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device or resource (Web proxy) is not responding.

      At my workplace I sometimes have to set a web proxy.

      At my current location I have clicked on both "No Proxy" (at which setting I had most of the problems above)
      and now I am trying "Automatically detect proxy settings for this network" where I get the troubleshooting error.

      I have set network connection to "No Proxy" but i still get the

      Your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device or resource (Web proxy) is not responding.


      Selecting "Use system settings" was even worse and prevented my accessing the internet.

      I downloaded and used the fixit from this Microsoft page
      How to reset your Internet Explorer proxy settings.

      And after running the fixit my Internet Connection troubleshooting told me that my internet connection is okay, and I was able to install Flashplayer.


      It seems that my workplace proxy settings where not being forgotten, or changed (to No Proxy) via the Firefox internet connection settings. It is as if Windows 8 does not give Firefox the authority to change anything but its own internet connectivity rather than allowing it to change system proxy settings so other programs (such as Flashplayer installer and Windows Smartscreen) can not access the internet even after changing proxy settings in Firefox. Hence I guess that there are ways of changing proxy settings via the Control Panel, or Internet Explorer.

      I hope that this is of some help to someone