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    Problems with memory management with Adobe Lightroom. 5.7


      Hi everybody,


      i'm a french recent user of lightroom 5.7 and i have many problems using it.

      I use it with win7 32 bit, 4Go RAM, intel I5, SSD 256Go Samsung 840pro, and 3 other sata standard disks : 2Go, 1Go , 500 Mo...


      Every time when i want to export an image, when it's a big one (panoramic image around 15Mo) or when i try to export several pics, i obtain the following message at the end of the export "not enought memory"


      not enough memory (1)

          G:\01 - Photos originales\Marc\201409_Indonesie\G3\20140925_135611_Pano.jpg


      i have to stop and reload LR and sometime, it works after several tries, but with large picture like this on i can't export the picture.


      I've tried to optimize the systeme as said in the topics (Optimisation des performances), and tried to change virtual memory on my main disk, read a lot of forums to solve it. Everything i've done give no result.


      Please can you help me to resolve this issue?


      Thanks a lot for your help