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    Grainy Output When Outputting h.264 into QuickTime File in Premiere Elements 12

    Milliron X

      I have a video project that I need to output into a QuickTime file. I would like to use the h.254 codec in the file, because that would make it the most versatile for all of the places I will be using the video. However, when I use Share > Computer > QuickTime > Advanced... and use these settings:

      Codec: H.264

      Quality: 100%

      Frame Size: 1080x1920

      Frame Rate: 29.9 fps

      Field Order: None (Progressive)

      No bitrate limit

      Audio Codec: AAC

      Sample Rate: 48000 khz

      Bit depth: 16-bit

      I wind up with a terribly grainy and muted-color video. I have used these same settings in Share > Computer > AVCHD and end up with a great video. Is there anything I can do to output the nice quality into .mov?