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    Enlarged bounding box around imported vector images (InDesign/Illustrator CC 2014)

    Laurie R

      Hi all, I've searched the forum for an answer but can't seem to find one. Hopefully someone can help.


      Ever since my upgrade to CC2014, whenever I import a vector image from Illustrator into InDesign, the image comes in with an expanded bounding box. Unlike in the old days (i.e., the moment before I upgraded), when the bounding box would exactly enclose my image with no extra white space on any of the sides.


      Sometimes the bounding box is small and sometimes it's gigantic. I cannot determine any rhyme or reason why it varies. Sometimes it's wider on the sides than on the top/bottom. Other times it's gigantic on one side but not the others. Basically, it's all over the place with no consistency that I can determine.


      I find it incredibly visually distracting to have these weird-sized bounding boxes around my art, and it sucks to have to constantly resize them on every imported image.


      I promise there are no guides, stray points, etc. in the Illustrator files. There is absolutely nothing "invisible yet there" that would create these expanded bounding boxes.


      Two samples are below.


      Note on this first one that the bounding box is wider at the right than the left.


      On this second sample, note that the bounding box is gigantic in general, but especially at the top, and it's smaller on the sides/bottom. Huh?


      Any ideas? I desperately want this to stop. Just want a bounding box that exactly encloses my artwork after I import it.


      Thank you for your ideas or suggestions,