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    Can someone tell me how to do some simple editing on Adobe touch?


      I Just got Adobe touch and am having problems doing some simple tasks to my images.

      i Normally use Adobe elements on my desktop. I just want to do the following with touch:

      resize images

      crop images

      brighten images

      save as a jpeg

      these tasks are very easy when using elements,  but seem hard using touch. When brightening an image in elements it's real easy and doesn't invole layers.

      im hoping someone can tell me the easiest, simplest way to do these thing with touch



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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

          Resizing entire image:

          & (ampersand or "More" icon; 2nd icon from the upper right) > Image Size. Set the width and height in pixels. (Use an online calculator to find inches if you're not familiar with conversions.)


          Resizing just a layer:

          Select and target a layer > tap the resize icon (looks like a cross with arrows on the ends; 5th icon from the upper right)


          Cropping image:

          & > Crop. Use the "link" icon (looks like two chain links) to constrain proportions. You'll notice this functions similarly to how resizing a layer works.



          Adjustments icon (looks like a couple of horizontal sliders; 4th icon from upper right) > choose from a host of effects here that can lead to the same result: Levels, Brightness/Contrast or Curves.


          Save as JPEG:

          Back in the project selection user interface (or UI) > tap the export icon (has an arrow pointing outward from a square; 5th icon from the upper right) > choose which way you want to export: Upload to Creative Cloud, Save to Gallery (Android) or Camera Roll (iOS), or Share > Select your projects. (Be sure to browse to them first > Tap OK. They should then be exported accordingly.