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    Creating Proxies After Editing DNGs


      I am editing a project shot RAW on a Sony FS700. I've never worked with RAW and am new to Premiere, coming over from FCP7.


      I imported the footage (DNG Sequences) and I started pulling subclips, laying them in a sequence as I went. Essentially, I have a rough cut of a 3-minute promo piece in a timeline.


      Obviously, being new to a RAW workflow, I didn't know I should've created proxies from the start. I am now realizing the simplest edit hangs up my computer, pinwheels Premiere, and in general is not workable.


      I'd like to create proxies and replace the DNG Sequences until I'm ready for grading. I did a test export of a handful of clips from Resolve. In Premiere, I made those DNG clips offline, and tried to link it with the new proxies. When I select the correct proxy file, Premiere pinwheels and becomes unresponsive. I am able to replace footage on a single clip with my proxy file, but this would take forever given the amount of footage I have.


      The bottom line is this: Can I replace all of DNG footage in Premiere with proxy files, without individually replacing footage on each clip?



      iMac with Mac OS 10.10

      16GB RAM

      2GB AMD Radeon R9 M290x

      Premiere Pro CC 8.1.0


      Thanks very much.