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    Rolled back to PP 2104.0, now cannot export - GPU memory? I have 2 Quadro 4K cards!!!

    Videowilk Level 1

      After 5 days of bloody hell, I now could edit...

      HPZ820 dual Nvidia Quadro 4000s with 64 GB RAM - fully CS6 certified.

      Was finally able to actually edit a project (AVCHD 1080p at 30fps), but upon export to Vimeo 1080p, it gets a little way in to the video... then error pops up:

      Your hardware configuration does not meet minimum specifications needed to run the application. Visit www.nvidia for help, upon which

      I get the all to familiar white screen and crash.



      An application has requested more GPU memory than is available in the system. The application will now be closed. Error code: 6 Visit http://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3553 for more information.


      I had been running driver 340.52 - crash - then updated, doing a clean install - to 341.21 and got the same result.


      Can anyone help?


      Thank you,


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