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    Is Media Encoder capable of utilising all hardware resources?

    Miles4Ever Level 1

      I have recently built a new workstation for video editing and I am wondering about Adobe Media Encoders ability to use all resources. The system has:


      Intel Xeon E5-2680 v3 2.5Ghz with 12 cores

      128GB DDR 4 RAM

      Nvidia Quadro K6000

      Nvidia Tesla K40m

      A network connection to a SAN capable of over 200 MBps (yes that is bytes)

      Samsung SSD as the OS and application disk


      I have the Quadro and Tesla setup with Nvidia Maximus, compute tasks are off loaded to the Tesla while the Quadro handles graphics. As you would expect the machine is exceptionally quick.


      However when using Adobe Media Encoder it just doesn't seem to use all the resources available to it. When I am transcoding a tonne of files it uses a fraction of the resources available to it. This does mean I can keep editing and doing other things without any slow down, but in some instances I would prefer if it just ploughed through the files as fast as possible. Watching utilisation on CPU, RAM, GPU, and I/O; none of them max out. CPU never really goes above 20% total usage over all cores, it easily has 50% of the RAM free, the Nvidia control panel shows between 10% and 14% usage on just the Tesla and the network I/O is between 350 and 450 Mbps. I have seen all resources more heavily used when editing in PP, especially the network I/O to the storage.


      Are some of the codecs more efficient than others or is AME just not that great at using the resources of such a powerful machine?