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    Cant get flash player installation to run


      I am running Windows 8
      Mozilla Firefox 34.0.5
      The version of flash player I downloaded is 16 I did not install it andam not really sure if the version is like 16.1 or something like that so here are the details about the file:


      file name - install_flashplayer16x32_mssd_aaa_aih

      File version -
      Product Version -
      size - 1.00MB

      I downloaded it today so it is up to date.



      I was getting warnings about adobe 14 to 17 are unsafe either from adobe themselves or firefox, either way I followed the instructions on this page -
      and now when trying to install I does nothing but says it is already running so I have to push alt, ctrl, delete to find it in my processes and close it out to try again, I have tried to let it run for a while to see if it was just slow, but nothing... please help.


      I deleted all the files like it said in all the folders listed on the link above.