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    help with loading movies

      i have a problem if anyone can help.. please take a look at my website. www.doubleasmetalworks.com under the our products button, i have 3 different movies. copper, abstract, and ornaments. when i click on them to load them.. they load, but not with the preloader.. but if you will notice that when you first load each page the loader pops up like its supposed to. it's tied into my first action layer in my main movie. how do i use that preloader, or make another one so it shows the percet of my movies loaded..........ANY HELP.. thanks in advance.. heres the script for my main movie.//-----------Initialization---------\\
      extLoader_mc._visible = false;
      var currentPage;

      //--------Movie Clip Loader----------\\
      var mcLoader:MovieClipLoader = new MovieClipLoader();
      var myListener:Object = new Object();

      myListener.onLoadProgress = function(target_mc,bytesLoaded,bytesTotal) {
      extLoader_mc._visible = true;
      var pctLoaded = Math.round(bytesLoaded/bytesTotal*100);
      extLoader_mc.extLoaderBar_mc._xscale = pctLoaded;
      if (bytesLoaded >= bytesTotal) {
      extLoader_mc._visible = false;