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    Flash 8 objects created in Director 10.1.1

      OK, I'm pulling out my hair here.

      In Director MX2004, with Flash 7 movies, everything was dandy. I was able to create an object in Director and pass it into Flash and all was good:

      -- In Director
      myFlashObj = sprite(1).newObject("Object")
      myFlashObj.name = "my name"
      myFlashObj.age = "my age"


      -- In Flash
      function functionToReceive(newObj){
      var i:String;
      for (i in whichObj) {
      trace("whichObj."+i+" = "+whichObj );

      Trace output:
      whichObj.name = my name
      whichObj.age = my age

      See how simple?

      Well, as soon as I upgraded to the (secret, hard to find on the site) 10.1.1 Director update, this no longer works. The object is created (Director sees it as an object). Director can set and get the values. BUT Flash no longer sees it as an object.

      I've tried other methods:
      - call a Flash function that creates an object and returns it to Director
      - Return a Flash object that already exists using getVariable

      No matter what I try, Flash doesn't recognize any of the properties that I add.

      Arrays still work fine. Using the new "convert" method to convert a list to a flashObjectArray works fine. But no objects.

      Any ideas?

      I tell you, the 10.1.1 update was meant to fix just a few things (QuickTime and Flash 8 support), and I've had nothing but problems with every one of the updates.