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    Trouble tethering my Canon 1Ds mk II with Lightroom 4.1 on Mac OSX 10.6.8.


      I had to get a Mac just to be able to use tethered shooting with my brand new 1Ds mk III (yes, brand new after 8 years not being used by it's previous owner, had 200 exposures on it)

      Windows XP was not an option and Canon support told me that they never had any intentions towards supporting the Camera on Win Vista or Win 7 (even though these OSs were released when the camera was still the top end of their product line on the market!)


      Long story short, I researched compatibility for Lightroom and found out, that 4.1 would be the last to support the 1Ds mk II. (Can somebody confirm that?!)

      I bought LR 4 last year and am waiting for LR6 with my Win machine, so I installed LR 4 on the mac and denied any updates to be able to use my Camera..

      The mac runs OSX 10.6.8, which is, to my knowledge, the last version to support the 1Ds mk II and it's EOS utility, etc. (How about that one?)


      Sure, I should've bought the 1Ds mk III, considering all the money I invested just to be able to properly use the 1Ds mk II.. but that's not the issue here and if I should happen to have any success with my work, I will upgrade to a used 1Dx in a few years.



      To my problem at hand:

      I installed LR4.1 on my mac and set up tethered shooting with the Camera connected to the mac. (It works fine with EOS utility too)


      Camera with its settings is recognized by the tool and can be set off remotely.

      Pictures are displayed and develop preset is applied.


      However, sometimes it works just fine but then the camera stops taking pictures (Exposure is made, with AF, Shutter, etc. working fine, but pictures aren't saved to CF card nor transferred to Lightroom) Also, sometimes the camera isn't recognized anymore.. This happened repeatedly within 10 to 20 exposures, so not a rare issue here!


      When I turn the camera off and back on, it sometimes does and sometimes doesn't work again..


      same goes for the firewire cable that sometimes does and sometimes doesn't reset the tool when I unplug it.


      I also sometimes noticed the CF-card LED continuously indicating whatever.. had to remove the CF card to stop it from doing that.



      In short:

      What could be the problem with my setup and is there an easy way around that?
      I really depend on this feature working properly.



      Your help is really appreciated