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    Uninstall/Reinstall Bridge CS5?

    OutsideShooter Level 1

      First question is Adobe 'Bridge' CS5 still available? I have the original disk for PSCS5, but was hoping I didn't have to uninstall both programs to reinstall Bridge.


      Problem:   The only problem I am having currently, is whenever I use PC 'Control + Alt + I' to show the image Info, the window pops up blank. After a few minutes of waiting I have to go to Task Manager to close Bridge. This happens regardless the file type, jpg or raw, tif or png. My feeling is Bridge has a corrupt sector.


      Anyone run across this before, or know the best way to proceed?

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          First thing to do is to do is the see if CS5 Bridge Preferences can be reset. I see some reset buttons on some of the preferences and some Cash Purge options, Try using these first,


          I never un-install I do re-install over.  Bridge install as part of Photoshop CS5.  If you install CS5 over itself the install will back level CS5 to its inital version, So you will need to Update CS5 after any Install.  Once updated any add-ons you had installed should still be install and operational and you Photoshop Preferences should still be intact.

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            OutsideShooter Level 1

            Thanks JJMack,


            I purged the cache of all folders in Bridge, then closed. Next I closed Bridge and clicked on Bridge while holding ctrl+alt+shift, to reset defaults, which it did after I selected 'Turn on Reset Preferences', which pops up, and when Bridge finished opening, I selected an image, different from the one I was having trouble with, and I still get a blank 'Filee Info' popup window. There isn't even a red X to close the box. So I had to shut down using Task Manager.


            So back to my original question: When I go to Programs and Features, I see Adobe Bridge 1.0 (001.000.004) and I use Photoshop CS5. Yet when I click on update there are none for Bridge. Is it advisable to uninstall Adobe Bridge alone, then reinstall?I see JJMack that is what you recommend. And I may go that way. However at this point I am wondering if I should look for an updated version, is that possible?

            Thanks to anyone who can advise from experience or knowledge







            Edit: just as an added note, when I type blank file info in the search box above right, I get several other instance of this in recent posts. Make me wonder if this is a recent issue.

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              gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You can place your install DVD into your drive and run setup.


              You should see a Repair option. See if that works for you.



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                OutsideShooter Level 1

                Using the Repair Option did not correct the problem.I have installed, (over-installed thanks to JJMack) Adobe Bridge CS5 and still have the same problem.


                I am puzzled by this. One wonders at this point if reinstalling both Bridge and PS CS5 would be the solution, though I just upgraded my graphics card to a high end card, and the computer shop did all the driver updates via remote help assistant. Since I can view any and all image files, just not the file info, I don't suspect it is that. The Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti .


                There is certainly a bug in my system and it appears no one here has experienced this anomaly. I certainly appreciate the help and hopefully someone who has may update this thread with a solution. Thanks so much thus far.