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    The 1 thing Adobe should have changed to blue but didn't!

    PierreLouisBeranek Level 2

      The color scheme change from yellow to blue is something probably nobody asked for since, objectively speaking, it doesn't improve anything.  However, the ONE UI element that could have benefited from a color change was left as is: the Titler's bounding box.

      The fact that a title's bounding box is pure white, and therefore completely disappears from view any time an editor creates a title to be displayed against a white background is, quite frankly, incomprehensibly stupid.  Sorry to be blunt, but that's a fact, not an opinion.


      White against white 01.jpg


      If the bounding box were changed to blue (or any color other than pure white or black), then it would stand out an be visible against a pure black, a pure white, or virtually any other background a user might need to place a title on!  Unless I'm mistaken, fixing this flaw is a question of changing a single number in the program code, the number in the variable that determines the color of the Titler's bounding box.  Adobe, if you're going to give our entire UI a color change, PLEASE have the good sense to change the color of the ONE UI element that could actually benefit from such a change!


      Thanks for listening!


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