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    How do removed (Not Verified) from my Flash Player?


      I'm am setting up a new computer and need to download flash player for the some of the apps to work.

      I was able to successfully download the latest version, [] but Internet Explorer restricts the webpage from running ActiveX controls until you request "Allow Blocked Content" and again answering yes to 'Security Warning' dialog box.  My other computer runs the app directly without all these restrictions.  This difference is that that version of flash player []does not show (not verified) when looking at the list of Add-ons under the 'Options' tab of IE.

      browser version is IE 8.

      the Windows edition is 'Windows Imbedded Standard - 2010; Service Pack 1,


      I tried loading an archived versions of Flash player but the installer always tells me it not the latest version and forces me to quit.


      How do I get the current versions Flash player 'verified' so that IE will run my app without all the restrictions?